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Federal Proposal Writing & Consulting

USFCR recognizes that not all businesses have the time and resources to research the contracting processes while running daily operations. Without the proper training, businesses are left to navigate the proposal submission process on their own. USFCR has a solution to the learning curve with our federal proposal writing & consulting service.

With the Federal Proposal Writing service, USFCR will assign a consultant to guide you to your next federal opportunity. They will look at current marketing materials and provide guidance on the strategy to identify your next potential contract. Once a solicitation is identified, our team assigns a proposal writer to assemble and write your federal proposals. We have created this service that is meant for those who need the technical expertise to jump-start any contracting endeavor with minimal disruption to the business.

Prime Challenges of Proposal Writing:
  • Compliant Registration in SAM - Registering yourself can be time-consuming and compliance is not guaranteed. If your SAM registration is out of order, the proposal will be rejected.
  • False Claims - If audited, a prime vendor can face various penalties if any false claims were made in the proposal.
  • Small Business Subcontracting Plan - Prime contractors will be required to regularly submit subcontractor reports to the agency subcontracting compliance review and may need a subcontracting plan in order to bid on certain contracts.
  • Computer Skills - Proposals will be assembled via editing software such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and Adobe PDF. Many contractors miss proposal deadlines when there is a lack of the technical knowledge needed to make quick adjustments in formatting.
  • Time Management - The average time it takes to write one federal proposal is 8-10 hours. When someone is running a business, they do not have the proper time to dedicate to the writing and assembly of the documents.

Federal Proposal Writing Service Benefits:

The goal of the Federal Proposal Writing Service is to alleviate the stress that comes from responding to federal RFQ's, RFP's, and RFI's.

Benefits of the Federal Proposal Writing Service:

  • Have an expert guide you with all the required documents needed
  • Save time on the formatting of the proposal
  • Increase your chances of winning with expert advice
  • Assistance with the submission process
  • Guaranteed SAM Compliance

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