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Simplify Federal Contracting with the Advanced Procurement Portal (APP)

Finding and managing federal contracting opportunities Is a challenge. There are many government websites to learn when researching contracting opportunities and most are archaic and difficult to navigate. USFCR solves this issue with the Advanced Procurement Portal (APP).

APP is a web-based contracting search and management platform that simplifies researching and bidding on government contracting opportunities. APP has many features including:

  • Live feed of opportunities based on your NAICS codes and location.
  • Registered vendor organization and tracking.
  • Government contracting personnel listing.
  • Awarded contract data for prospecting and competition analysis.
  • Saved searches and email alerts.
  • Combines FPDS, FedBizOpps,,,, and contract opportunities in one easy navigation site.
  • Simplifies federal contracting and grants by providing all of the information you need in one place.

Watch this short video to learn how APP simplifies government contracting to help you find and win government contracts and grants.

APP Has the Features You Need to Succeed as a Federal Contractor
APP oportunities feed


Government websites notify you only once a day of available opportunities. APP gives you a feed and email alerts updating you throughout the day as new opportunities become available. This provides a head start on your bids to help you be more agile than your competition.

Vendor Tracking


Keeping track of who you’ve reached out to can be a challenge. APP includes a growing list of contracting agents and registered vendors. It has a built-in CRM to manage who you have contacted and the ability to leave notes. Watching an agent or vendor will add a post to your feed any time they are active.

Awarded Contract


The APP contract catalog includes contract history dating back to 2007. Interested in bidding on a contract, but want to know how much the agency paid for the services in the past? APP gives you this information, as well as information about winning vendors, period of performance, how often the contract has been awarded, and much more.

Get notified of entity activity


We’re constantly updating APP to make it easier for vendors and agents to navigate and track contracting data. If there’s federal contracting information you need, we likely have it available in APP.

Watch this short video about a few key APP features.

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