Getting Started with USFCR's Advanced Procurement Portal (APP)

The Advanced Procurement Portal is a web-based contracting search and management platform that is easy-to-use . You will find the controls, search filters, and menus intuitive. It was designed to be the ultimate hub for government contractors of any size.

The purpose of this orientation is to demonstrate how you can perform all of your tasks with one website to win more contracts. Watch all the videos on this page to completely train yourself and your team on maximizing this unique portal.

In all of these videos below, we explain APP in basic terms to allow everyone to understand the functionality. When you are ready for advanced usage tutorials, talk to your USFCR representative about the next level of training that the USFCR Academy.

If you have any further questions regarding APP or APPplus, please reach out to our support at 202-717-9056 or by emailing

Learn About APP

Watch this series of videos to learn about the program and how to use the Advanced Procurement Portal (APP) to find your opportunities, track activity, perform market research, build relationships and continue learning.

Video 1: Welcome to the Advanced Procurement Portal

Gives you the basis of understanding all the APP has to offer.

Video 2: APP Set-up, Log-in and Account Support

Provides you a starting point and the support information you need to ask further questions.

Video 3: Locating & Tracking Compliant Vendors

Breaks down the using the Vendor search and connecting your results to the Vendor Management page and Government CRM.

Video 4: Utilizing APP's Agent Finder

Demonstrates how APP's most unique function, the Agent Finder, can completely revolutionize the way you approach the federal market.

Video 5: Finding Saving & Tracking Notices/Activity

Explains the most essential task of finding, organizing and tracking opportunities/activity. You'll learn how to use the search filters in Find Opportunities to set up your Saved Searches and Federal Feed.

Video 6: Utilizing APP's Contract Catalog

Essential for businesses looking to perform market research on pricing data and their competitors by looking at contract award data in the Contract Catalog.

Video 7: Maximize APP's Functionality

Wraps up the training and will send you on your way to find and win contracts that match your company's capabilities.

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