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FEMA EMMIE to FAC-TRAX Data Cleaning (Public Assistance) - DRAFT SOW

Solicitation: 70FA4021Q00000012

Notice Type: Presolicitation

Place of Performance: Washington District of Columbia 20472 USA

NAICS: 541512

Set-Aside: SBA

Opportunity Description:


The estimated timeframe for the posting of the solicitation on GSA is now the week of 7/26/2021.

As a reminder, this will be a Small Business set-aside for Schedule Holders listed under MAS 54151S.


The attached DRAFT Statement of Work (SOW) is being posted for industry awareness. 

This requirement will be competed on GSA as a Small Business set-aside to schedule holders for MAS 54151S.  The estimated timeframe for the solicitation posting on GSA is between 7/12/21 and 7/16/21.  The PSC code will be DF01 and NAICS code 541512.

NOTE:  This is not a solicitation and no proposals will be accepted on behalf of this DRAFT SOW.   All addidional postings will occur on GSA.  No responses will be entertained via email or phone call.


I.  Description and Purpose

The purpose of this requirement is to acquire resources to support three (3) primary objectives of the cleaning phase required for the migration of legacy data from the Emergency Management Mission Integration Environment (EMMIE) to the Grants Manager and Grants Portal tool (FAC-TRAX) within the Public Assistance (PA) Program. The three (3) primary objectives are:

  1. Structure unstructured, migrated [EMMIE] legacy data to render it searchable within the new system infrastructure.
  2. Reconcile empty fields within EMMIE projects already migrated to FAC-TRAX, where data was not previously collected.
  3. Document the cleaning of historical insurance data to meet the recommendations made in the OIG-12-18: “Office of Inspector General (OIG) Report – FEMA’s Process for Tracking Public Assistance Insurance Requirements[1]

FEMA intends to procure a services contract, to include personnel who will conduct the cleaning of transferred data within FAC-TRAX.

 II. Benefits and Outcomes

  1. The cleaning of historical EMMIE data within FAC-TRAX in an iterative, scalable way enables a faster transition from EMMIE to FAC-TRAX;
  2. Having all historical Public Assistance data within FAC-TRAX enables FAC-TRAX to be the single, authoritative source of PA grant data, which is a critical step toward decommissioning EMMIE; and
  3. Meeting the OIG’s recommendation to reduce duplication of benefits over time helps close a long-standing 1OIG finding.

he Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) mission is to help people before, during and after dissaters. Within FEMA, the Office of Response and Recovery (ORR) provides guidance, leadership and oversight to build, sustain, and improve the coordination and delivery of support to citizens; State, Local, Tribal and Territorial (SLTT) governments; and certain types of Private Nonprofit (PNP) organizations to save lives, reduce suffering, protect property and recover from all hazards. As part of ORR, the Recovery Directorate provides survivors and communities recovering from disasters with grants and resources that are easy to access, simple to understand, and outstanding in their helpfulness. The Recovery Directorate’s Public Assistance (PA) Division has the specific mission of providing assistance to applicants (SLTT governments and PNP Organizations), including in the form of PA Grants, so that communities can recover from major disasters or emergencies declared by the president. As a condition of receiving federal disaster assistance, Public Assistance applicants are required to obtain and maintain insurance in order to protect facilities against future loss to property from the types of hazards that caused the damages.

FEMA’s Recovery Directorate’s mission is to provide assistance to communities overwhelmed by natural disasters, acts of terrorism, or other emergencies. Divisions within the Recovery Directorate include the Public Assistance (PA) Division, the Recovery Reporting and Analytics Division (RAD) and the Recovery Technology Programs Division (RTPD).

Under the authority of the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act, as amended (Stafford Act). 42 U.S.C. 5121, et seq., and implementing regulations, FEMA provides aid to states and communities to recover from presidentially declared disasters as quickly as possible, including aid in the form of PA grants.

Two types of work are eligible for reimbursement through a PA grant: emergency work and/or permanent work. These types are further divided into categories based on the activity being performed for emergency work, or the type of facility repaired for permanent work.

Insurance reviews are conducted during the PA grant project approval process to ensure that applicants have satisfied any insurance requirements that may have existed as a result of receiving financial aid for damages in a prior disaster. PA grant applicants agree to maintain insurance for the life of the facility and must provide evidence that they have obtained sufficient insurance to satisfy the grant requirements and the law.

The Emergency Management Mission Integrated Environment (EMMIE) system is an internet-based solution for the Federal Emergency Management Agency to manage PA grants, over the entire grant life cycle, using standardized Web-based screens. EMMIE provides a common system for use by many Users and Communities directly involved in managing PA grants, such as the financial community, as well as PA Grant Applicants, and Subgrant Applicants such as localities. EMMIE is the legacy platform upon which Public Assistance grants reside. An internal and external version of the EMMIE Financial System allows Grantees and Subgrantees to monitor and manage all Federal Grant Requests for Assistance both within and outside of the central FEMA network.

EMMIE overall, is a reengineering of several existing grant program management systems that handle grants such the Public Assistance (PA) program, into a single grants management system. The EMMIE system is intended to interface with relevant computer systems that already exist as well as with future systems.

Since 2016, FEMA has focused on developing a new information technology system to document PA projects in formulation with a seamless transition to grant obligation. The result is a two-part platform—the PA Grants Manager and Grants Portal tool [FAC-TRAX]—that promotes transparency and accountability for all stakeholders involved in the PA grant process. This effort has been led by the Program Delivery Branch (PDB) Business Architecture (BA) Section within the Public Assistance (PA) division, in collaboration with stakeholders, including the Recovery Reporting and Analytics Division (RAD); the Recovery Technology Programs Division (RTPD); and Regional and FEMA Headquarters partners.

In tandem with ongoing build out of FAC-TRAX, a full retirement of FEMA’s previous Public Assistance grant development software system, [the Emergency Management Mission Integration Environment or EMMIE], is being conducted.  EMMIE, which remains in use, primarily for its ability to award funding via a connection to FEMA’s financial system [IFMIS], will be decommissioned once all grant development, award and post award functionality is built out in FAC-TRAX.

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